5 reasons why understanding owner portfolios can give you a competitive edge

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July 10, 2024
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As a real estate developer in Florida, the more you know, the more deals you’ll close. 

That means having access to accurate and comprehensive site assessment data, like Future Land Use and Hazards, but it also means knowing who owns what and where.

That’s where our latest feature, Owner Portfolio search comes in.


What is an owner portfolio?

An owner portfolio refers to the collection of properties owned by a single individual or entity.

Having an understanding of these portfolios is crucial to success. This knowledge can empower you at each stage of the development journey, particularly when it comes to strategic planning, assembling large parcels for development, negotiating better deals, conducting thorough due diligence and managing risks more effectively. 

Understanding owner portfolios will give you a significant advantage in the always-competitive real estate market, and we’re about to tell you how.  

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Why understanding owner portfolios is a game-changer

1. Bulk purchasing power: Think of it like Costco, you buy in bulk and your wallet thanks you. By identifying multiple lots owned by the same owner, you’ll find yourself in a better negotiating position - and this can lead to some major cost savings and a more efficient acquisition process.

2. Land Assembly: Go big or go home, right? Knowing the extent of an owner’s property means you can easily identify adjacent lots and assemble larger parcels of land for more ambitious projects. Combine this knowledge with data that gives you key insights into market demand, like Demographics, and you’ll have hit the jackpot. 

3. Tailored proposals: Everybody wants to increase the likelihood of a successful deal, and there's nothing quite like a personalized approach to help you do just that. If you understand an owner's entire portfolio, then you can use this to tailor your proposals and negotiations effectively.

4. Mitigating risk: Larger deals, completed faster and crucially, with less risk. With a complete knowledge of an owner’s property portfolio you can conduct more thorough due diligence and identify areas of concern before you part with your cash. Plus, if you understand ownership patterns and strategies of existing landowners, you can make more informed decisions and avoid speculative risks when it comes to your own strategy.

5. Long term relationships: Building rapport and forming relationships with owners of multiple properties can lead to one thing and one thing only: future opportunities. Just because it isn’t right for you now doesn’t mean it won’t be right for you later, and that’s always something to keep in mind. Knowing who these owners are and making an effort to connect means that when the right opportunity does come along, you’ll be well placed to approach any negotiations with the backing of a strong relationship and a full understanding of the owners strategy.

How LandTech can help

We understand that knowledge is power, and we’ve built LandTech to arm you with all the knowledge you could ever need to find opportunities, assess viability and get deals done.

With our Owner Portfolio search, you can see all lots owned by the same owner in just a few clicks. We’ve built it to be based on mailing address, so you can find all lots that share the same mailing address, whether it’s a company or not, and whether owners have the same listed name or not.  

Click on a parcel of land, select Owner Portfolio and you’ll instantly see a full list of lots owned by the same owner. 

Combine this with the most powerful site sourcing tool on the market, the highest quality data and our integrated pipeline CRM, and you’ll be making touchdowns while your competitors watch from the sidelines. 


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