How do I find out who owns a property?

LandTech's ownership data will tell you who really owns the property you’re interested in, and who to approach

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Who owns this property?

Dealing with complicated ownership data

Sometimes finding out who owns a site can be as simple as checking a county assessor's records, but sometimes it’s a little trickier. Sites can be owned by companies, and those companies can be owned by even bigger companies.

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Added layers of ownership complexity

In this event, you’ll have to go through a title company, who would then create a report to establish who ultimately owns the site. Total cost of this? $75 to $200 per report. Multiply this by the numerous projects you’re working on, and the costs really start to spike.

You could save cost by doing this work yourself, but that can take a very long time and it’s also extremely difficult to map out all of the owners. Taking this route can also come with extra cost when the requirement to engage with lawyers arises. However, it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

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Find the property owner, fast

The new approach to finding out who owns a parcel of land

The ownership layer within LandTech makes it so much easier for property professionals to get to the bottom of who really owns a parcel of land. The way it works is really fast and simple too.

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Fast, reliable ownership information in just a few clicks

Simply zoom in the area of the map that you’re interested in and select the parcel you’d like to inquire about. All of the ultimate owner information, as well as address details will then appear. If required, that parcel can then be saved to the sites pipeline for future reference.

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How LandTech's ownership data helps our customers make faster approaches

Having used LandTech's ownership layer to make over 5,219 enquiries, Montague Evans can see site information and contact information all in one place. This means they can approach land-owners quickly so that his clients never miss a great investment, and has also meant a 75% reduction in administrative time spent.

“To get the best opportunities we have to act fast, which means adopting the best tech out there”.

Chris Kerrison
Investment Surveyor

Chris Kerrison Investment Surveyor

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