How do I check the zoning of a parcel of land?

Quickly find out what can be built on a parcel of land with LandTech's zoning visualization tools


Am I allowed to build what I’d like to?

The many barriers to accessing zoning data

So you’ve found a parcel of land that looks like a good opportunity. The first step is to check the zoning restrictions it has. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy.

County and municipality websites can be difficult to navigate, which can cost you time and resource. It’s also really easy to miss zoning changes when referencing data this way – and that could mean the difference between project success and failure.


Different cities. Different rules

Another major issue with zoning data is when working on multiple projects in multiple cities, each city will have their own unique set of rules and codes. This means that you’ll  often need to have in-depth knowledge of local zoning restrictions for each city in order to be successful.

One final hurdle to consider is getting sites re-zoned. While it’s possible to do, it can be an extremely long and drawn-out affair, which also comes with the hassle of hiring attorneys, and paying them for their time. 

It would  be a lot easier to quickly visualize all sites zoned for your requirements from day one - that’s where LandTech comes in.


Zoning inquiries made easy

A simpler way to accessing zoning information

LandTech's zoning layer makes it easy to quickly visualize what each individual parcel of land has been zoned for, making all of your zoning inquiries more straightforward. 

The way it works is simple. With LandTech, simply zoom into a map location, click on the zoning layer; and that’s it. Everything in view will then be color-coded according to its zoning classification. 

LandInsight zoning illustration

The zoning data you need, presented in a simple and consistent way

We’ve also designed the system to take the stress out of working on projects in separate cities. So, if you find yourself working on two or more projects in Orlando and Miami at the same time, all of the zoning data will be displayed in the same way within LandTech.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to everything you need to know before striking a deal. 


Here’s how we’ve helped our customers save time and money

Not only are Venture Property finding better, more beneficial opportunities faster, but they're also meeting their 25-30% profit on revenue targets on every opportunity. All thanks to LandTech.

And since using LandTech to streamline their workflow, Venture Property have saved over 70% of their time on manual, repetitive tasks.

“We wouldn't be where we are now without LandTech. It's my go-to for everything”.

Ryan Carruthers


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