Save the best off-market opportunities while you’re on the move, with LandInsight GO

Never miss an opportunity while you’re in the field, by saving sites directly from your mobile device.


What does LandInsight GO do?

We’ve all been there. You spot a great development opportunity while you’re in the field, only to forget the location or details later on.

Available on Apple and Android devices, LandInsight GO removes this challenge by allowing you to zero in on the site, and automatically add it to your saved LandInsight sites pipeline. You can then work on that opportunity within LandInsight in the same way that you would any other.


What are the features of LandInsight GO?

  • Select a site from the map view, and instantly access ownership information
  • Automatically save sites to your main LandInsight pipeline
  • Share sites found in the field with your office based teams
  • Add extra context to your saved site, like photos and comments
  • Progress your saved site, from one pipeline stage to another

How does LandInsight GO work with the main LandInsight application?

It’s simple. You find a great site you’re interested in, and then open the LandInsight GO app, which automatically detects your location. Tap on the site that you’re interested in and the boundaries of that site will be highlighted, as well as the ownership information.

Still interested? Hit “Save Site”, add some photos and comments, and that’s it, you’re done!

That site will then sync to your desktop app, where you can access all of the other great data streams like comparables, zoning and hazards information.


Get what you need on the GO

Use the LandInsight GO mobile app to save sites you see, organise pictures, and simplify assessment wherever you are.

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